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Locally Custom Crafted Pool Tables Since 1974
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Pool Tables
We build custom pool tables to suit your needs. All of our table are handcrafted out of your choice of wood. We know that your custom-made table is a treasured keepsake. With care, our tables will last to pass on to the next generation.
Billiards of Texas offers the best lines of accessories available. We offer balls, cue sticks, play kits, custom wall racks and board cabinets and everything else our customers need to enjoy their custom-made pool table.
Repair Service
Billiards of Texas provides a variety of services to meet the needs of our customers. We assemble, disassemble, move, recover, and provide storage for pool tables. Call today for pricing.

Custom Crafted Pool Tables & Accessories

When you think of Texas craftsmanship, you think of cowboy boots and big belt buckles and barbecue, but you certainly don’t think of custom made pool tables. Yet just an hour and a half south of Dallas, one man is devoting his life to just that. Billiards of Texas, just off of I-35 in the small town of West, Texas, has been selling everything billiards since 1974. Since 1996, Raymond Koon has been building his own pool tables that are 100 percent custom made and original.

Billiards of Texas is a family-owned business that has been providing all your billiard needs since 1974. In 1996, Billiards of Texas branched out and started their line of custom pool tables. The customer decides on the style of pool table along with the pocket style, felt style, cloth color and stain. We have even had customers brand their tables.

What sets our tables apart from everyone else is the quality of our pool tables. All our tables are handmade out of oak, mahogany or whatever wood the customer chooses and the stain is brushed on by hand and not sprayed.

We have built our reputation on providing excellent quality and outstanding service. We value our customers and the relationships we have built and look forward to carrying on the tradition for the next generation.

Table Size +
Color Chart

During our customized craftsman process, we want to ensure you play on a billiards table that is correctly sized to the room. In addition, we have many color felt options for you to enjoy. Click the link below to view our table size chart and color options.

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